CoreFlex Salesforce Practice is built to support the business needs of our customers by maximizing their value from Salesforce Platform investment. With our unique blend of business and technology consulting expertise while leveraging our supporting practices in Data Management, Analytics, Automated Testing and Integration, we are helping companies globally to harness the power of Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses.

We provide our customers a full-service offering  starting from early thinking, design, implementation, testing and managed services support. Our no-surprise delivery philosophy provides you a predictable, outcome-based implementation through fixed price, fixed deliverable model.

Our fast-growing team of best of breed Salesforce consultants drives transformational outcomes for our customers in all the major Salesforce products and services.


Our Approach for New and Existing Salesforce Customers

Our Approach for new and existing Salesforce users


How we help?


Discover your best Salesforce strategy for delivering new innovations


From early thinking to commercialization- you got covered with us

Automated Testing

Click 'start' to give a superior quality to your Salesforce users


Easily integrate your applications to Salesforce to maximize the power of your CRM

Data Management and Analytics

Empower your data to be an asset to your Salesforce ecosystem

Managed Services

Focus on your strategic priorities with CoreFlex managed services

Why CoreFlex for Salesforce?

Rich domain experience

With deep experience in Consumer Products, Distributions & Logistics, Software, Healthcare and Education industries we understand the problems faced by businesses very well and know how to solve them with the power of Salesforce.

Data Management and control frameworks for customer 360 programs

Gain a comprehensive view of your customers with effective data management and control frameworks. Now collect, store, manage, and analyze customer data effectively, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all touchpoints in your business.

Integration framework

We are experts at integrating your way to reap the maximum value out of your Salesforce investment. Our Integration framework for Salesforce frees you with the worries of system integrations and focus on the value that you desire from the final implementation.

Predictable value and cost structure

Our fixed price Implementation services and consumption based support model help you choose the most convenient delivery structure that reaps you maximum value

Utilities and Framework for accelerated value

We've built some utilities and framework to automate the common problems faced by Salesforce companies to automate their solution and reach the desired outcomes faster.

Products and Innovations

Solving some of the common problems of our customers made us ponder- How could we maximize their effectiveness by automatically handling those common problems all the time? How could we take our customers closer to their goals faster? 

We decided to innovate.  

We developed multiple customizable utilities and solutions that enable us to solve common problems of our other customers faster and better. We consciously focused on areas of white spaces from the current ecosystem of Salesforce solutions out in the market and are unique to our customer requirements. This has enabled us focus on the larger, complex problems of our customers helping them to continue winning over their customers.

Unlock a seamless and synchronized Salesforce integration 

To ease integration support-related issues in terms of reachability, retrying, replaying, and tracking purposes, we have you covered with our Integration Framework that performs configured retry of the integration, captures request, response payload and turnaround time of the API.

Our support team tracks integration or data sync-related issues without any dependency on the end systems involved in the integration.


Discover production incidents with ease

Incident management is a cumbersome task when it must be done along with addressing critical incidents in production environment. This is a common problem faced by our clients and across the service desk industry and hence we chose to innovate to resolve it.

Error handling is a CoreFlex utility that was built to help overcome the discovery time for any incident that gets raised in the production environment. Error handling can reduce the aging of the tickets by approximately 40% thereby ensuring faster ticket resolutions and product releases.


All-in-one AI testing tool to enable end to end quality assurance

A test automation utility built on top of Selenium called Leonardo for Test Automation is a proprietary tool built by CoreFlex to solve all common testing issues of our clients.

This AI powered tool helps churn out faster automation for Salesforce and other digital projects and help clients run it as well. Leonardo is a win-win tool for all. You get to keep the utility with you if you choose to part ways at the end of the agreement. And, if you do not choose to have Leonardo, since it is all native Selenium scripts, you get the scripts and retain the asset.

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Say goodbye to your onboarding woes

Onboarding is a utility developed by CoreFlex to address the onboarding problems of Salesforce users in CPG and logistics businesses. This utility creates a user-friendly, automated, and cost-effective application that would ease the customer and equipment onboarding process.


Elevated Salesforce privileged access management and compliance 

accessnow© is our premier Salesforce Privileged Access Management (PAM) application.  Minimize your company’s risk and actively take steps to mitigate loss related to unauthorized access with accessnow©. Our automation streamlines the process of obtaining privileged, emergency access and audit compliance goals; expedite your 911 teams’ access into a system without compromising compliance.

accessnow© helps manage large Salesforce implementations for organizing and scheduling elevated access in production with high vigilance of audit enabled. accessnow© allows you to plan and schedule elevated access for the resources for a stipulated duration and rolls back the access to the pre-approved stage automatically. This tool enables you to maintain security compliance while serving the business needs to onboard resources with elevated access and downgrade the access level. During the period of elevated access accessnow© captures extensive audit data by recording every operation performed by the user.


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