CoreFlex Testing Services

Multiple factors are forcing business and IT processes to transform at a rapid pace. Triggers could be changing technology landscapes and platforms, globalization, regulatory compliance and challenging markets.

To keep pace with the emerging times, organizations have to continuously improve their time to market, provide high quality solutions to business teams and customers and enhance customer experience – and QA plays a major part in delivering customer satisfaction and providing a competitive edge.
CoreFlex QA teams will help you build robust QA strategies and processes. They will ensure that your IT applications are reliable and stable while also delivering superior customer experience to your business.

Advisory/Consulting services - Define and design overarching QA strategy, architecture of QA services and implementation of processes

As part of our Advisory Services, we believe in “moving the needle” – our endeavour is to drive tangible business benefit through robust QA processes, tools and innovation.

We provide an implementation roadmap to help our customers improve time-to-market and cost of quality while keeping their organizational and business goals in mind.

Our Assessment Frameworks, based on industry best practices and standards, are designed to assess testing maturity focusing on processes and technology. We conduct due-diligence workshops to assess “As-Is” state and based on our study provide a comprehensive “To-Be” approach and processes thus enabling business benefits.

As part of our Transformation Services, we implement the roadmap designed during the advisory phase through enhanced process architecture and integrated tools, improved skill competency, metrics framework, and robust governance.

We take a strategic approach to implement these initiatives by aligning them to our clients’ long term business objectives and investments in order to provide sustained benefits and outcomes.

Test Automation Services - defining automation roadmap aligned with industry best practices delivering consistent value to Agile, DevOps projects

Understanding the need of automation, assessing test automation capabilities and the maturity of existing automation frameworks.

We support our customers by conducting automation readiness & feasibility analysis, automation tool assessment and building a pragmatic roadmap to improve overall automation maturity with better ROI.

Test Tools Advisory service is a specialized offering to help organizations assess existing QA tools landscape, identify right tools and provide the strategy for rationalizing the investments and generating better ROI by optimizing tool utilization.

Testing As A Service - bouquet of flexible services driven by solutions catering to your specific needs and optimized cost models

CoreFlex offers an end-to-end fully customized service where the responsibility of application testing is taken at an enterprise or program level.

We provide a shared risk model to organizations who want to transform their testing function to achieve high-quality cost-effectively without the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall control.

The essential components of our service are:

  • A structured testing service with our world-class testing methodology
  • Business-driven Test Management
  • Our global delivery model combining testing professionals in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations that is flexible to scale up or down depending on business
  • Core client team with deep technological know-how and sector-specific expertise
  • Test Centres of Excellence established to cover specialist testing skills (mobile testing, performance testing, security testing and many more)
  • KPIs directly aligned with business objectives
  • Unique quality transformation vision with our ‘shift left’ approach applied for continuous improvement in testing functions

Managed Testing Services delivers significant benefits to the business including:

  • Significantly reduced total cost of testing: balanced sourcing can yield up to 30% savings
  • Measurable quality improvements: proven prevention of at least 98% of high-severity defects and improved time to market of at least 15%
  • Skills transfer: embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple supplier environments

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