Automate the process of verifying, processing and approving your vendor invoices with CoreForce

CoreForce automates the process of verifying, processing and approving your vendor invoices with rules-based invoice verification, intelligent data capture and electronic workflow capabilities — bringing time and cost efficiencies to your company’s accounts payable processes and improving supplier relationships at the same time.

Accelerate Savings
  • Optimize contract lifecycle management
  • Ensures sustainable sourcing processes
  • Deliver Insightful spend performance management
  • Effective strategic supplier management
  • Effective, streamlined operational procurement

Features of CoreForce which will help optimize your organizations invoice processing;

  • Finding and extracting all the relevant information from your digitized invoices using OCR and rules based scanning
  • Minimizing manual intervention by automating invoice matching and rules application to all your invoices
  • Personalizing Business Rules that can be plugged into the system
  • Automated coding, routing and approval rules
  • Enhancing Discount capturing and contract compliance ability
  • Automatic matching and coding of recurring or contract-based invoices
  • Intuitive, role-specific interfaces
  • Ensuring standardized invoice data with line-level details, regardless of the supplier invoice formats
  • Making your Exception handling and approval workflow ERP-Independent
  • Supporting your global initiatives with a cloud-based, localized system processing multi-currency and multi-language invoices
  • Seamless integration with any purchase management and ERP system
Wherever you are, CoreForce’s mobile invoice approval application lets you easily manage and approve invoice payments 24/7 from your mobile device on-the-go
  • Robust Roles Based user access and rights management
  • Providing Audit Trails and ensure compliance of your organization with industry standards
  • Document Archival and rules driven data house-keeping mechanisms
  • Real-time reporting, Deep visibility and analytics on your spend for the AP staff and management
  • Personalized Dashboards with notifications and alerts to drive the workflow

How can you leverage your business with CoreForce?

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