A Salesforce AppExchange product - helping clients manage ‘Privileged Access’ and compliance

  • Grants temporary emergency access by circumventing the time-consuming approval processes
  • Enforces internal access controls (like SOX 404, NYFDS Section 500.03)
  • Provides logging of data changes, deletions, views as well as config changes for a privileged Authorized user which addresses a portion of Section 500.06
  • Provides logging of Log in As – shows data changed and configuration changed while someone is utilizing the Log in as feature of Salesforce

Provisioning the right access, to the right people, at the right time.

accessnow© is the premier Salesforce Privileged Access Management (PAM) application. Minimize your company’s risk and actively take steps to mitigate this loss with accessnow©. Our automation streamlines the process of obtaining privileged, emergency access and audit compliance goals; expedite your 911 teams' access into a system without compromising compliance.


  • Self-Service, On-Demand Privileged and Emergency Access
  • Privilege Elevation – Grant just enough privilege to minimize secure system access and still empower users to do their job
  • Temporary Privileged Access – Eliminate over-provisioned user access
  • Privileged Access Request – Govern access with approval workflows
  • Automated Provisioning of Privileged Access
  • Audit Logging for Configuration Changes, Data Changes, Records Viewed
  • Audit Logging for Log In As - Ability to see what data and configuration changes are made when a user utilizes the Log In As function
  • Auditing and Reporting – Visibility to all privileged and emergency access activity


  • Cost Savings, Time Savings and Compliance
  • Reduce Risk from Breaches
  • Automate Compliance Reporting
  • Accelerate and Automate Privileged Access Process
  • Reduce insurance risks
  • Balancing access & empowerment with the right level of security.

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